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Slate-Case FAQ

Here are some common questions about the Slate-Case project.
How long will it take until pre-orders start shipping to customers?

Currently we have an estimate for 4-6 months before we can start shipping the Slate-Case to customers. This can be affected by supply chain variables that we dont have control over given our current world situations.

Will it come with PCIe 4.0 riser cables?

The current Slate-Case design uses a custom PCIE 4.0 cable.

Here is a cable from Linkup that will work as well: PCIe 4.0 Linkup Cable

When will I be able to order additonal panels, or have two tempered glass panels?

For the first batch, we have enabled panel choice for just one side. The other side is by default perforated. This is to ensure we meet MOQ for certain parts of the design that most people will be using. However, if pre-orders go better than expected than we may be able to enable a different panel choice for the default side. We will keep you updated.

What are the pros and cons of Sandwich vs. Trad Bracket layouts?

In general the sandwich layout can be used for most applications, (AIO, custom water cooling, limited air cooling). The Trad Bracket was introduced because it enables better configuration for air cooling specifically, although limited.

Sandwich Layout:


-Greater GPU height allowance.

-Overall better for water cooling builds.

-More clearance for AIOs/Rads.


-Less allowance for additional storage options.

-Lower CPU cooler height.

Trad Bracket:


-Much greater CPU cooler height (air cooling focused).

-4+ gpu slot clearance (not that this matters as much, but is an interesting option if people want to deshroud their GPU).

-More space available for storage options, with the multi-use bracket.

-Can access behind the motherboard directly, uninstall the CPU cooler without removing the GPU.


-Less GPU height support. This depends on where the GPU power connectors are located and how far they stick out.

-Not as great with an AIO setup, although it can work fine, it really depends on how thick your GPU is.

-While using the Aluminum Feet with Trad bracket, motherboard IO space is more restricted, and requires some careful planning.

What is PCIe Slot vs GPU Slot Clearance?

In general there are up to 3 PCIe slots. However this is separate from the GPU Clearance, which is up to 4 slots in the Sandwich layout, and 4+ slots in the Trad Bracket Layout.

What about refunds in general?

Because this is a pre-ordered item, we use the funds generated by these orders to start manufacturing. We strongly encourage anyone who needs to refund to do so during the Pre-Ordering window. This ensures that we can refund quickly with no loss on your part.

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